Happy New Year – Here’s hoping

Seasons in the Sun RV Resort, Mims, Florida

It’s been hard to know what to say about the past five months since my last post. Like many, we’ve adapted our lives to the needs of safety and health. We’ve been lucky to be able to travel and see our family. Unlike millions of others, we haven’t suffered any losses amongst our close family or friends for which we are grateful.

We have travelled to some beautiful and interesting places and taken note of places we might like to revisit when the world opens up and we can return to see what we missed.

Sioux Falls

Following a two month stay with our family in Rochester, Minnesota, we made a short hop to Sioux Falls, South Dakota to get our driver’s licenses and complete the process of establishing our legal residency there. Although our visit was strictly business, we were able to take the time to visit Sioux Falls Park where the actual falls is located. It’s a beautiful park and we were enjoyed an afternoon outdoors exploring the falls.

Indiana Dunes – Over the dune to the lake

After a brief stop back in Rochester to take care of some needed repairs, we began to make our way south. Again we were fortunate to be able to stop along the way to see our kids in Chicago and Cleveland with some outdoor, socially distanced visits. With some cooperation from the weather, we were able to include a couple of day trips and hiking in Indiana Dunes State Park with Josh and Shaina and dinner and an early birthday celebration for Ziv in Matt and Danya’s lovely garage in Shaker Heights.

Beautiful trees draped in Spanish moss in Charleston

We continued on southward with some nice stops along the way: a couple of days near Athens, West Virginia affording us time to hike along Brushcreek Falls; we explored Charleston, South Carolina; Tybee Island, Georgia; and St Augustine, Florida finally landing in Mims. All the while taking note of the things we would like to be able to do if or when we return to those locations — visitor centers, indoor museums, shops and restaurants all off limits to us or closed.

Canaveral National Seashore on New Year’s Day

So here we are, ensconced in Florida for the winter, like the snowbirds we never thought we’d become. We continue make our best efforts to stay safe and keep healthy. We’re looking forward to getting vaccinated some day (vaccine is sold out here in Brevard County through February), learning all about Zoom and online bridge, online shopping, curbside pickup, reading, walking and way too much TV. We did get to see a nighttime rocket launch from Canaveral which was visible right here in the park. Otherwise, life is quiet and we hope it will remain so until the world is ready to open up again.

Our plan remains to be back in Pennsylvania in the spring and then, who knows what the summer will bring.

We sincerely hope this missive finds you and all who are close to you well and thriving as much as is possible in these extraordinary times. We look forward to seeing you and hugging you close.